Dear Diary..

We would like to start the day by sharing Dylan’s diary entry that he has been keeping this week.

We would love to hear how everyone is getting on… please email these to letting us know if you are happy for us to share these on our social media/website.

Home Learning – 7V Science

We would like to share some amazing home learning of a Science Year 7 class set by Mrs Campbell.

Task: Yr 7V: Construct a model cell and describe what you have chosen to represent the organelles.

Mrs Campbell has set this task a few times in her school career and has never seen an avocado used!

Year 7 students have until the end of the week for this task to be complete.


Leigh Academies Trust – Staff Keeping Postive

At Leigh Academies Trust, we asked our staff to let us know their reasons to be positive because we felt that we needed some balance to the negativity in the press and social media and we recognised that even in a crisis there are moments of positivity that can be shared to inspire others. They really were an uplifting read, so we thought we should share them all with you.

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Dear Diary

As you would have seen in the ‘Home Learning for Families guide’, we are inviting all of our students, staff and parents to keep a diary during these unprecedented times.

This is a globally-changing time in history and we would love to share extracts and positive messages, from staff students and parents as the weeks go on, and or when we return.

This may only be a sentence or two each night. You may like to use it as a ‘scrapbook’ by adding photos or items that remind you of this time or you might like to keep an online Google Doc/Slides to record your experiences. However you make your record, and if you are happy to share, please send examples, photos to or submit through the assignment on Google Classroom.
It will one day be a first-hand account of their experience that they will be able to share with their own.